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Just to get things straight from the get-go, this is not just another fashion blog. 

No, really. Here you will find a blend of unfiltered and defiant styles and discussions about the latest trends, high fashion, top commercial product reviews and street styles. Tips and tricks included. Maybe even a sprinkle of travel fashion, you never know.

On top of that, The Fashion Narrative will explore thought-provoking themes currently occurring in the world of fashion. The real stuff. Getting down and dirty about the issues that matter. Ethical fashion, sustainability issues and fair trade. All that jazz.

Fast fashion has hit us quicker than a speeding train and has allowed many of us the convenience to be experimental with cheap pieces of apparel. But what does this mean for the rest of the individuals involved? Low wages? Yes. Unhealthy working conditions? Yep. Environmental repercussions? You guessed it, all of the above.

Now that’s just a little taste of what’s to come on The Fashion Narrative. We might get serious about the profound issues, but we don’t joke around about Fashion Week either. Understanding new trend concepts are what The Fashion Narrative is all about. Count on some how-to’s to make your life WAY easier.

You’re welcome.

Are you ready to jump on this bandwagon? Don’t think twice. It’s going to be an unforgettable ride!


About me

Combining my love for fashion and writing, I completed a masters in journalism and public relations all whilst working in the fashion industry.


I could go on and on about why I would make the perfect copywriter for you, but that would take months, years even.


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