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Our relationship with face masks used to protect others from coronavirus has changed as the months pass and the state of the pandemic keeps evolving. The market has changed as well, taking this essential item and turning it into a luxurious one for the elite.

Scarcity of Masks in the Beginning 

The beginning of the pandemic was a time of panic.

Customers would buy toilet paper, sanitizers, and soap in massive quantities. People hoarded face masks to the extent that there was no protection for workers in hospitals. 


What’s more, prices of the coronavirus masks spiked making this essential item unavailable to many. 

Some solved the issue by getting out their sewing machines and making the COVID-19 face masks with materials available. Others volunteered to sew masks for those that came up short or even for some who needed masks in larger quantities. 

Dior and Ralph Lauren reopened their factories to make gowns and masks for medical workers to show their appreciation of healthcare workers who risked their lives to help others in the hospitals. 


Stores stocked up with face masks as the months passed and now we have a variety of masks to choose from. Whether you want a specific print, masks for any age, a mask for a big nose, or breathable masks for the summer, stores have them at varying prices. 

Top Fashion Trend 

The fashion industry has also been captivated by the symbol of our new reality. 


This necessity is becoming a trend and people are looking for masks that won’t ruin their outfits.  


Various designers shared their mask ideas with the matching outfit on social media. Many of the designs are fun and aesthetical because designers understand the need for a bit of fun and beauty in these heavy times but also that we need more than one in rotation. 


Some designers incorporated masks in their designs even before coronavirus.

With fashion week coming up it is a given that we’ll be seeing some fabulous mask designed coming down the runway.

Luxurious COVID-19 Masks 

As mentioned, masks have now got a market of their own. They’ve become an essential piece you find in your bag - along with your wallet and phone.


However, even though we are together in this world that is reshaping society as we know it, some things still stay the same. Namely, some argue that masks create a visible class divide further highlighting the wealth and privilege of the select few.    

The luxurious COVID-19 face mask priced at 1.5 million dollars and ornamented with black and white diamonds and gold confirms that. Made by an Israeli jewellery designer, the mask complies with the FDA standards and it is the most expensive one in the world. 

Recurring Issues with Face Masks

Not wearing a mask to protect others from COVID-19 even became a political issue. This comes as many who distrust the government and their measures have chosen to make the pandemic about themselves and their personal freedom. 

However, not everyone wearing a face mask is responsible. If you walk the street for any length of time you’ve probably seen blue disposable medical masks thrown away. 


Disposable masks end up in the seas endangering sea animals and contribute to pollution and plastic waste. It is expected that “around 75 percent of the used masks, as well as other pandemic-related waste, will end up in landfills, or floating in the seas”.

Final Word

The beginning of the pandemic changed many aspects of our lives, one of which is the introduction of coronavirus face masks which reflects the times we live in. 

We still do not know what the future holds, but we can stay safe and wear a mask.    

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